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Diving into IP Surveillance
2014-03-10 00:03:09  [Visited:1426]

Diving into IP Surveillance


Anticipating challenges before they become problems is always a smart approach. In the security world, when a company is making the leap from installing traditional, analog, CCTV cameras to IP surveillance, this “thinkahead” strategy is all the more wise.


One IP surveillance integrator, Cana Communications in Kennesaw, Ga., knows this from experience. Having made the transition from analog CCTV to IP video surveillance integration several years ago, Scott Harris, project services manager, remembers the learning curve well and chimes in on what a company will likely encounter during a similar transition and how to prepare for success.


Lack of Network Knowledge


Encounter #1: Lack of network design capabilities. “The first and biggest issue we ran into was a lack of network knowledge,” said Harris. “We did not have techs that understood networking; yet all of a sudden, we had to deal with Ethernet rules, the constraints of Ethernet and specific cabling requirements. Many times, we also had to provide network switches as part of the project scope. Because these skills directly affected the scope of work, we quickly realized that having networking knowledge would be critical for conducting effective site surveys, creating accurate estimates and designing project plans.”


In addition, the project team often had to interface with the customer’s IT department to establish the network requirements, demanding another layer of network knowledge.


Solution: Bolster your project team with technical experts in network design. Some IP video surveillance manufacturers offer expert network design partners through their professional services offering.

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