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Product model:  1080P 4G Solar Powered IP Camera Outdoor
Product overview
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1. Solar Energy: A day's sunshine keeps the camera running for several days. This unparalleled performance is achieved by 2pcs integrating batteries, solar panels and intelligent standby mode. Ultra-low power consumption, long standby time. Intelligent energy-saving function, with solar charging function, equipment maintenance-free throughout the year, very practical and environmentally friendly.


2. HD Monitoring: High-definition 1080P image quality to watch and record high-definition video, more clear monitoring details. Night Vision Function. Effective night vision distance is 20 meters.


3. No Wire Needed: Insert 4G SIM card through wireless WiFi function for network connection or connect to 2.4G WiFi router. Put it anywhere around your property, no power supply needed. Instant video and audio streams are accessed anytime and anywhere.


4. Good Performance: IP66 waterproof and moistureproof, it can get energy from the light to increase the battery life even in the rain day. Don't worry the bad weather outside the door. TF card storage. TF cards can be inserted to store event snapshots and image and cloud storage can be supported.


5. PIR detection: When someone is found to intrude into the monitoring area, the camera will actively push the alarm information to the user's mobile phone. User can add multiple cameras to realize multi-device monitoring, or a camera can be monitored simultaneously by multiple users.

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